Conference Program

Final Auditorium and Parallel Sessions Programs

The Scientific and Technical Committee for the 19th EPA Congress and Exhibition has set out the main topic areas that will be presented and discussed in Malaga

The title of the Congress will be:

"Key solutions for urban mobility".

The format of the congress see many parallel sessions that will enable the delegates to choose what discussions they would like to follow.  The plenary sessions will be significant moments where key note presentations will take place.

We will be examining the overall parking and urban mobility situation in Europe.  EPA will present its position paper that will represent an open discussion on the mobility world and the role of the parking industry. The program includes EPA’s key moments with the EPA Award Ceremony and discussions of the activities in the Associations working groups on the Blue Badge theme and others.

Download the preliminary Auditorium Program

Download the preliminary Parallel Sessions Program


The congress topics will be:

Visions, strategies and solutions:

  • Sustainable urban mobility plans (city planners) meeting the environmental agenda’s commitments ensuring accessibility and economic growth.
  • New city visions (Ford, Uber etc.)
  • Proposals and solutions from our parking world.

Understanding and enabling:

The role of parking in the mobility system with specific reference to:
  • integration
  • governance
  • seamless payments
  • new mobility hubs
  • connecting with the automotive industry

Operations and Business:

  • PAAS: parking as a service
  • MAAS: mobility as a service and the parking contribution- how to customise the offer
  • Electric Mobility as a service
  • Mobility Hubs
  • Roadside/Kerb Management
  • New activity areas – urban logistics

Electric Mobility:

  • the Malaga model
  • Infrastructure and energy providers
  • The automotive industry
  • Rules and regulations


  • Standards
  • Digital developments
  • Show casing the present and the future
  • Data sharing
  • Digital Architecture

Round Tables:

  • EPA– POLIS: talking cities with the administrators
  • EPA – Public Transport: roles and collaboration
  • EPA – ERTICO: the P-Valet projects
  • EPA – University Network: knowledge exchange with graduate mobility and parking studies
  • EPA – TRANSPORT FORUM: the automotive world, soft mobility suppliers, urban logistics mobility planners.
  • EPA – APDS: an interactive workshop for operators and suppliers.

The exhibition will have interactive areas where visitors can experience simulated realities. The electrical smart city development in Malaga will certainly be an exciting and illuminating experience.

We will keep you posted and are looking forward to welcoming you all to Malaga in September 2019 for what promises to be the busiest EPA Congress and Exhibition to date.