About Málaga

Today, the city of Malaga is one of the best known cultural destinations internationally. This is due to its valuable historical-artistic heritage passed down from the Phoenicians, Romans and Arabs, meaning that the Roman Theatre, the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro Castle form one of the best preserved archaeological heritage sites nationally. It also has an extraordinary range of museums on offer, with about 40 museums as important as the Picasso Museum, the Centre Pompidou Málaga, the Carmen Thyssen Museum. This is not to forget its unique natural spaces, such as the Botanical Garden (La Concepción) and the Montes de Málaga natural park. It also has a rich and varied cuisine featuring local products from the sea and mountain: anchovies, smooth clams, sardine skewers, kid, cold meats, cheeses and, of course, the exquisite Malaga wine. Its popularity is, of course, also due to its sun and its beaches.


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