Scientific and Technical Committee 19th EPA Congress Malaga

First Name Last Name Function Organisation Country
1 Laurence A. Bannerman Chairman President EPA EU
2 Thierry Brusseaux International Equipment Industry Parkeon FRANCE
16 Joan Catala Parking & Mobility services BSM Barcellona SPAIN
3 Ivo Cre   EU cities – Mobility Network Director Polis BELGIUM
4 Phillip Crist  Urban Mobility Research International Transport Forum FRANCE
21 Frank Daems Transport Industry Ertico Belgium
5 Elisabeth Herles Secretary General EPA European Parking Association EU
6 Erik Jonnaert Automotive Sector ACEA – Brussels BELGIUM
7 Michael Kesseler Private Parking Management Contipark GERMANY
8 Guy Le Bras Public Transport Associations Pres. GART FRANCE
9 Nick Lester-Davis Road Transport Research Consultant for transport, traffic and parking issues UNITED KINGDOM
10 Patrick Lindergren Electrical Mobility Chargestorm SWEDEN
11 Jaime Lopez  Congress Committee President Assesga SPAIN
12 Raul Maldonado Congress Committee City of Malaga SPAIN
13 Massimo Marciani Urban Logistics President FIT Consulting ITALY
14 Giuliano Mingardo University Network Erasmus HOLLAND
15 Antonio Musso  University Network La Sapienza ITALY
17 Andreij Szarata University Network Cracow POLAND
18 Theo Thuis  International Parking Management Q-Park HOLLAND
19 James Toal International Equipment Industry Skidata AUSTRIA
20 Nigel Williams Data Standards & Digitalization Chair International Parking Alliance EU