Topics & Fields

Visions, strategies and solutions:

  • Sustainable urban mobility plans (city planners) meeting the environmental agenda’s commitments ensuring accessibility and economic growth.
  • New city visions (Ford, Uber etc.)
  • Proposals and solutions from our parking world.

Understanding and enabling:

The role of parking in the mobility system with specific reference to:
  • integration
  • governance
  • seamless payments
  • new mobility hubs
  • connecting with the automotive industry

Operations and Business:

  • PAAS: parking as a service
  • MAAS: mobility as a service and the parking contribution- how to customise the offer
  • Electric Mobility as a service
  • Mobility Hubs
  • Roadside/Kerb Management
  • New activity areas – urban logistics

Electric Mobility:

  • the Malaga model
  • Infrastructure and energy providers
  • The automotive industry
  • Rules and regulations


  • Standards
  • Digital developments
  • Show casing the present and the future
  • Data sharing
  • Digital Architecture