Brussels is the capital of Belgium and lies in the Brussels-Capital region between Flanders and Wallonia.

Brussels is most famous as the administrative capital of Europe, home to the EU Parliament, EU Commission and NATO.
Not only does the city hold historical significance, but with over 180 nationalities it is arguably the most diverse city in Europe.
It boasts several UNESCO World Heritage sites including Grand Place and Stoclet Palace; visitors are also invited to try the local produce, such as Trappist beer and haute confectionery.

What to Do and Visit

14/10/2021 – 17/10/2021

Accessible Art Fair (ACAF)

In a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, the public can buy works of art direct from 50 artists, both up-and-coming and already established, chosen by a professional jury. Includes painting, sculpture, photography, and design.

14/10/2021 – 14/02/2022


This time, Europalia will not focus on a country, but on a theme of contemporary relevance: the train. It will retrace the birth of rail travel and its influence on the arts in that period, but it will mainly look at the future of the train, and at broader issues such as mobility and the environment. Europalia also has a focus on new contemporary work, with many residences in trains. The multidisciplinary programme includes hundreds of artistic events that will be presented in different museums and cultural venues, but mostly in trains and stations all over Belgium and in other European countries.

15/10/2021 – 06/02/2022

As real as fiction

This ambitious exhibition present for the first time in the European capital, a wide spectrum of the contemporary Taiwanese art scene. Thirty artists and around sixty works of art- paintings, photography, video, sculpture…- will be presented to demonstrate its specificity on the Asian and the global scene.


Festival Alimenterre

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the problems of unbridled agricultural expansion into the shrinking wilds and given added relevance to the Festival Alimenterre, which for over ten years has been screening documentaries to highlight the nutritional and agricultural disorders such as environmental devastation and farmer exploitation that plague much of the world and to propose alternatives to meet these challenges both locally and globally. Famine affects one billion people worldwide and two thirds of them are farmers in the Third World, a paradox that underlines the purely profit-minded political choices that have been made. Meanwhile farmers in the first world are confronting an epidemic of suicide. The festival brings together agricultural specialists, documentary-makers, activist farmers, and developers of concrete local initiatives.

21/10/2021 – 13/03/2022

Els Dietvorst & guests

Centrale presents Els Dietvorst. Her work is very varied but always socially engaged, concerned with issues such as migration, racism, and climate change, in other words, the human condition. She tackles the major themes of life, death, fear, alienation, and desire in actions, documentaries, videos, large clay sculptures, drawings in red ink, and theatre. She looks for possible alternatives and hope in the form of contemporary stories. Her films translate life experiences and portray the fragile beauty of nature, under threat from humankind.

22/10/2021 – 31/10/2021

Festival des Libertés

A major annual event, organised in response to a world of confusion, anger, repression, and apocalyptic fantasies. The festival aims to help us overcome a sense of impotence and extreme pessimism and to understand the complexities of the times we live in. It does so through documentaries, debates, performances, exhibitions, and concerts with a critical engagement with society today and motivated by the desire for a just world. All in a convivial and festive atmosphere.

More Events in October 2021

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Brussels Marathon & Half Marathon

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