Mayor Welcome

Major MalagaWelcome to Malaga or as we say “bienvenidos.” As the Mayor, I affirm that it is an honour and a privilege for the city to host, between September 18 and 20, the celebration of the 19th EPA Congress the most important international parking and mobility event in Europe. The Congress’ theme is entitled Key solutions for urban mobility and it will cover all matters of current interest of our business activity and the threats and opportunities of the future.

Malaga, capital of the popular tourist destination known as the “Costa del Sol,” will bless us with its natural and monumental attractions during the coming days, while at the same time offering the best hospitality of its citizens, who in love with the charming aspects of their land and with deep respect for their traditions and customs, know how to welcome visitors with open arms.

In this great Spanish Mediterranean city, exceptional for its strategic location and for its communication infrastructures which easily connect Malaga with Europe and the rest of the world, you will not only find magnificent places for your work meetings but you can also discover the capabilities of a territory with unparalleled advantages for trade and commerce with a talented and qualified workforce.


Malaga, a desirable city to live, is capable of attracting investors seeking to find privileged locations to work. As part of this welcome, I would like to inform you that during these days our qualified international economic development team is available to all those interested in exploring the many capabilities that the city has to offer.

Malaga and its citizens, with an intelligent and innovative vision, work relentlessly to compete with other European capitals while always mindful of one unique added value: our natural surroundings and environment that we respect, preserve and invigorate so that many generations can experience those singular values.

I look forward to the discussions and hope that you all have a productive meeting. Once again, welcome to Malaga.

Francisco de la Torre Prados
City of Malaga